Where Art meets Sustainability

Add Art and Poetry to Your Daily Lives

Hand-crafted, customisable upcycled products with a unique literary touch.

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Incredible Creations By Gifted Artisans

Artistic artifacts highly inspired by nature’s beauty and the simple joys of life.

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Making Cycling Less Complicated and More Fun for Kids

Child-friendly design along with comfortable, easy usability makes it this a perfect bike for your kids to learn the technique of ‘balancing’ easily.

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The Earth Canvas & Co. is a confluence of art and sustainability. We aspire to create aesthetic pieces of art and craft which will contribute to reducing the conflict between man and nature. Each of our products will be a story of symbiotic coexistence. At the center of our ethos, lies the belief that in order to create, one doesn’t necessarily have to destroy.

  • Get Chemical-free Products

  • Reduce Impact on Environment

  • Minimise Wastage

  • Get Long-lasting Products

  • Help Protect the Environment

Our Story

  • Raqesh Bapat

    Actor, Painter, Sculptor, Entrepreneur, Animal and Nature lover who believes in practising compassion and simplicity as a way of life is the driving force behind the venture

  • Laxmi Behere

    Laxmi is an industrial designer and entrepreneur who’s proficient in the traditional Indian textile craft and adds her own innovative touch to it. She creates home décor products and lifestyle accessories using agricultural waste and water hyacinth

  • Prem Kale

    A 21-year old eco-conscious entrepreneur who made a choice to drop out of the formal schooling system after 10th to follow his passion for creating products and engineering designs

  • Isha Bapat

    A young entrepreneur with a passion to create value and deliver impact. A peoples person and a team player who ensures the seamless operations of The Earth Canvas & Co.

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